Replacement and Return Policies



I will replace small pieces broken in shipment for free but not large pieces.  I usually recommend large pieces to be fired to bisque to avoid breakage.  You will have to pay replacement cost and shipping for them

Such pieces would be large heads, breastplates and large shoulder plates.  Pieces like Whisper are only sent as bisque because of high breakage in the past.

If several small pieces are broken I may ask you to help with the shipping.

I do not replace pieces that you have broken in cleaning or misfired pieces.  You will have to pay full replacement costs including shipping.


Finished Dolls

I do not refund deposits on custom made dolls.  If you change your mind about getting the doll, the deposit will not be returned.

I will always send close up, clear pictures of your doll before I ship.  If you approve it, and pay the remaining amount, and the doll is shipped, I do not give returns on the doll or the shipping.

Custom made dolls are not the same as buying a doll off the shelf.  Each is individual, made to your specifications.  I have no guarantee of selling them to someone else, and all my work, time and money would be lost.



I do not give returns on Greenware.  Shipping is too risky and they would probably be broken on arrival. 

I take great care in pouring and examining each piece as it leaves here, to guarantee quality product.

I pack with large bubble wrap to assure safe delivery to you.  I have a very good safe delivery reputation.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions feel free to email me

Judy Warren


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