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All Dolls listed can be ordered Painted Bisque,

Ready to dress and as finished dolls. 

Exceptions are noted on their page.

Shipping & 7% Handling Charge is extra above the prices shown


Ladies & Gentlemen

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Artist Doll Details Unpainted Bisque Painted Bisque
Expressions Elder Elf 18" Lady Elf: head, sp, hands, feet (boots or bare) Elf or Human ears $80 $90
Klowns By Kay Father Christmas 26" Head, hands, boots $80 $90
Seeleys Sweetheart as an adult  27" Lady Doll $90 $100

PCF Studios

Alex, Andrea, Luan 15 1/2" Full Porcelain- Bisque Only $90 $100

Ron Booker

Harte 23" Man $90 $100
  Estella 22" Lady $90 $100
  Pierrot Clown 20" Head/sp, arms, legs $90 $100

Vicki Anguish

Jessica 15" Lady-Head/sp, arms, legs $70 $80
  Phylis 22" Lady-Head/sp, arms, legs $78 $98

Email for pricing on assembled & fully dressed dolls


Prices subject to change without notice

All come with body pattern and some have instructions


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