Ladies and Gentleman from

Childhood Fantasies

Only available from current stock

Or if you have the body mold want a head only,

you can order that as greenware, bisque or painted bisque


29" Nadia

29" Tatiana

29" Mercedes

29" Lady Alene


My Version of Lady Alene as a Pirate



32" Isaac 

By Ali Hansen







29" Ladies

Painted Bisque $170

Ready To Dress $225


Completed Dolls $300



32" Men


Painted Bisque $150

Ready to Dress $200

Completed Dolls $300


Prices shown do not include a wig.

That will be added when wig choice is made


Arms and Legs Available


Legs for Debbie by Little Reb

These legs are above the knee

These Beautiful Ladies are creations of
Ali Hansen & 
Audrey Hamann

For patterns for these Dolls

Visit Judy Moore's Site


Childhood Fantasies



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